Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Fun
On Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt at Flowerland Garden Center in Kingston. Jason looked for eggs while Jess walked with Mike, looked at the bunnies, and helped Jason find an egg. Jason found a special silver egg and got to pick a prize. He chose a watergun. I was glad we got there early because some people didn't play by the rules and the store started to run out of the eggs. One of the rules was that you only were allowed to find 10 eggs. I heard one father tell his kid that when his pockets and basket were full, they were done - obviously he was collecting more than 10. The Easter bunny made a visit; Jessica was less than impressed. It'll be interesting to see how she handles him next year.

On Sunday, I woke Jason up and we went to see what the Easter bunny brought. Jason helped Jess find the plastic eggs that were hidden. Jason got gold coins hidden in his eggs; Jessica had smaller coins in some and chocolate goldfish in others. Afterward, my mom, Jess, Jason and I went to church. Mike had to work. Jason was alcolyte and walked in the procession. Jess behaved great during church. She's usually good but considering she'd had such a bad night the night before, I wasn't sure how she'd be. Patricia, Scott, Michelle, Jen, Ruth and Chuck all came to our house for dinner. Jess loved Tricia's macaroni and cheese and the coconut cream pie I picked up at Stop and Shop. I'd planned on making a cake that I'd found online but I did something wrong and it came out horrible so I'd gone out at 11 Saturday night and bought the pie, some strawberries, ladyfingers, whipping cream, and chocolate ice cream. I figured everyone would find something they like in that. That evening Jason, Jess and I went to my mom's hotel and went swimming. Jason had a blast!

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