Thursday, April 12, 2007

Looking good at the cardiologist
We went to Boston Children's satellite office in Weymouth today and met with Dr. Rhodes. The EKG went well but they weren't able to get a great pic on the echocardiogram as she didn't appreciate the tech rubbing something covered in cold gel over her chest. The EKG looks good; the doctor said he could see on the EKG that there is no residual effect from her ASD. There appears to be a minor residual effect from the aortic surgery but they couldn't get a good look at it. Based on the China report, they aren't sure whether she had aortic stenosis or aortic coarctation. She has great femoral pulses so the blood is getting around and the doctor said that the residual effect is minor right now. He wants to see her in a year. If she slows down to the point where she can't keep up with normal activity, we're to call him but he said he doesn't think that will happen. Poor Jess is very tired of doctors. We have her 18 month check up next week and then she should be done with doctors for a few months.

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