Monday, April 30, 2007

Gotcha Day/Metcha Day/Forever Family Day/Adoption Day
There are so many terms for the day we meet our children and everyone has their opinion on why their term is the only one which should be used. It's amazing the arguments that occur on message boards over this topic. We use Gotcha Day. People don't like it - oh well, they are free to use a different term when they adopt. I can understand metcha but don't really like it. The day we met Jess wasn't our adoption day; we filled out the paperwork a different day. I've heard bio kids question when they hear the term family day whether they weren't a family before their sibling joined their family. One poster on a board suggested TDWMOLD Day which I kind of like but know I'd be tripping over my tongue saying it*S* (it stands for the day we met our loving daughter day). I know some people go wild over presents and stuff on the anniversary of this day. I am planning on our doing a special family outing or dinner but I think presents belong on birthdays and Christmas.

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