Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tuckered Out

I took Jess to Gymboree today to check out their program. I chose the 10-16 month program because the skills there will be more on par with what Jess is working on. The next level is 16-22 months and that's just too far above what she's ready for yet. We'd gone to their music program on Tuesday and liked that but I was looking for something that incorporates more physical activity. She had a ball today crawling, sliding and jumping. She really interacted well with the other kids and likes Miss Lee, the teacher. She'd see Miss Lee at the music program as well. When I was signing up after the class, another little girl was trying to give Jess her sippy cup which Jess was quite happy to take. I gave it back and got her her bottle of pediasure. She sucked some down and put her arms up to be picked up. As soon as I picked her up, she was sound asleep. We were supposed to go to Walmart to get some stuff but I took her home and was able to put her right into bed which is unusual - Walmart can wait! In the picture, she's still got her nametag on her back. I can't put it on the front of her shirt because she'll peel it off and eat it. After Days of Our Lives is over, I may get some cleaning done before she wakes up.


Our Journey To Keira said...
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Dan and Sharon Curry said...

So, did you actually get a chance to try out the Gymboree classes before Jess zonked out? If you did..what did you think? I would like to try those classes for Keira!

Paula said...

We did do the class as Jess fell asleep right after it as I was signing up (the first class is free to try it out). I really loved it; the teacher was very energetic, the equipment looked well taken care of and clean, the activities were well thought out and appropriate for the age range. Plus what really reeled me in was that, in this program (not sure if others are doing the same)during June, July and August, we can go to unlimited classes including music and art for the price of our monthly gym class. They're trying to get people to come to more when they're around because so many people go away in the summer (we're usually one of them but not this year).