Friday, May 18, 2007

Good News for a little boy
Our agency had one child on their WC list left who's from the same SWI as Jess. The pic the agency had was old and didn't show the child at his best. Someone traveling to meet their child took a new pic of him and posted it on their blog. I don't know whether it was because of the new photo or just coincidence in timing but the little boy got matched! I am so happy for him I just wanted to cry when I found out. Looking at the blogs, my heart just breaks when I see all the little faces of children still there. When we traveled to get Jess, the director told us that all of the children in Jess's room had been matched with international families and were waiting for them to come. Tomorrow we are going to Build a Bear; hopefully we will be one of the first 200 people in the store. If we are, we will be able to build a bear for free to be donated to the Joint Council of International Children's Services to be given to children worldwide who are waiting for their forever families.

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Dan and Sharon Curry said...

OH! I think I know which baby you are talking about. I would LOVE to see the more recent picture of him. I also would look at the Waiting Children pictures hoping that someone would adopt him. It's great to know that he will have a forever family soon.