Saturday, March 31, 2007

Before and After
To increase Jess's fine motor and self-care skills, I made some chocolate pudding, stripped her down to her onesie, and set her up in her high chair with a bowl of pudding and a spoon. She didn't do too badly with the pudding, so I gave her some pureed peas. You can see the results of that below. She looked mighty pleased with herself.

Jess took a nice long bath and got all of the food out of her hair. She loves the tub and happily played for quite a while in there. After the bath, I put her back in a onesie with her robe and slippers. The robe and slippers were from Sharon, another mom we traveled with. She had bought them for her daughter but they didn't fit. Jess looks so cute in them!!


daionara said...

Yikes I so couldn't deal with the mess. She looks like she had a blast! I'm so glad she's finally home with you!

Dan and Sharon Curry said...

That is a GREAT picture of her. How she got it all over her hair I will never know, but babies sure can do amazing things when they want to, huh? She looks so cute in the robe and slippers! :)

Kat said...

Those kind of messes are a right of passage for sure! Jess looks really happy and healthy with those kissable rosey cheeks...give her a hug for me.