Friday, March 30, 2007

New Dress/New Word/Favorite TV Shows

I looked everywhere for a Christening dress - every store that I came across that sold children's clothing and many, many online stores as well. Because Jess is not an infant, I didn't want a gown that would impede her walking or crawling. I was looking for something cottony, simple with a little bit of eyelet, and summery - we're probably doing the Christening at the end of June. Yesterday I was picking up some other things and found the perfect dress. It's exactly what I want and the price was amazing! I bought it and tried it on her when we got home - fits perfectly. I got 18 months instead of 12 because I want it a little longer than a regular dress without being a gown. I'm going to buy some shoes for Easter and she can wear them for the Christening as well.

When I put her on the floor, her dress floated all out around her.

She doesn't usually smile for the camera unless someone is tickling her.

After enlisting Jason's aid in making her laugh.

The other day, Jess started saying "up" when she holds her arms up to be picked up. It's her first English word!! The way she babbles, I'm sure she's going to have a lot to say once she starts talking. She frequently will babble and then stop and look at me like "Don't you understand what I'm saying?"

I'm trying not to let her watch too much tv but we do watch the Wiggles, Higgleytown Heroes, and Sesame Street. Much to Jason's dismay, she's not interested in the teletubbies. She loves anything with music. She occasionally watches an episode of Good Eats or Unwrapped with me and Mike.


Dan and Sharon Curry said...

Keira isn't much into tv as well, but LOVES the Wiggles also! It's so great to also see the picture of Jess sitting on Mike's lap at the character breakfast! It's great to see how well she is adjusting

Anonymous said...

that dress is so cute! thanks for the update. i was just about to email you guys to see how things were going. see you soon!

auntie jen