Sunday, March 04, 2007

Checking in once more

I still need to do a day by day post but not for the price this hotel charges. I had to get a quick computer fix but it's going to be a short one. Updates- we're at the White Swan. It's a beautiful hotel but I miss Jinan. We were a bit spoiled there. The difference in prices is amazing. The last night in Jinan, we along with the other family took our guide out for dinner. For 9 people and 2 babies, it came out to 216 yuan which is about 30 or so dollars. Last night, Mike, Jason and I went out to dinner at the White Swan and dinner was over $100 American - ouch!!!! We started looking for cheaper places today*S* I need to save that money for souvenirs. Jason's been adventurous and tried shrimp, fried leaves, and chocolate mousse -didn't like any of it. He loves the chicken nuggets, doughy pretzels and the bread. Jess is doing awesome! She's sitting for a short period of time in a stroller that we borrowed from Sherry's Place (store near hotel), sleeps through the night, eats almost everything, is getting better about Mike getting closer to her (still can't hold her without her screaming), and is playing with Jason. She's still a Mama's girl for sure but I can at least walk a couple of inches away. When I get back, I'll update my packing list with notes for people who may travel the same places we did. For those going to Beijing, Jinan and White Swan in Guangzhou, you really don't need a lot of stuff (of course it also depends on the age of the baby). I had to buy some summer clothes because I wasn't expecting it to be quite so hot here - high 70's. I sent my jeans to the cleaners. I'd always heard that the clothes could be shrunk because they use hot water so you need to be careful - well, either they stretched my jeans or I lost some weight because the darn things are falling off me. Guess I shouldn't complain about that *S*

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