Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Community Night Out

The town next to us had their annual police community night out at the intermediate school and we went. Jess liked running around after Jason and enjoyed "driving" the miliary vehicles. Jason talked to the servicemen about the weapons and had a blast on the wet blowup slide. It was a long line but he went on twice. The first time he had a little blonde girl in line behind him who kept putting her arms around him and hugging him. I asked him if he knew her but he said no. He just can't keep the girls away!! They had a large snake, ferret, bulldog, and bird at the event. Jess freaked out when Mike brought her near the snake. She liked the ferret and bird. We ran into some people from church and talked to them for a while and made a date for Jason to sleep over their house; they have a son his age who's been asking his parents for Jason to come over. I went up in a cherry picker with Jason and Jess. I'm afraid of heights but this didn't seem too bad; I was able to look over the edge without stressing.
Jason in line with his new friend
Jason jumping onto the slide
Jason learning about how to shoot
Jess driving
Jason, Jess and me in the cherry picker

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