Saturday, August 04, 2007

Do You Care About LIDs After Yours?

This was a question posted on Rumor Queen. Do I care? Of course I do. I watch for referrals every month. I do admit that it's not the same nailbiting, stress-laden, wait up all night for the CCAA site to change feeling I had before our agency approved our match with Jess. I follow blogs, I hang out at Rumor Queen and, I check our agency's waiting child list to see if the last two children have been matched so that there'll be a new list for all the people waiting. I met so many wonderful people who are still waiting and, while in China, I saw so many children that I can't help but care.

While there aren't any pictures that really go along with this topic, I'll post some photos anyway just because.

Modeling a new outfit from Gymboree. Gotta love those GymBucks; they're the only way I can afford anything there.

I know Mommy put something in my hair!

Two spoons are better than one!

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