Sunday, August 05, 2007

Child of God

Today was Jessica's baptism. We had a beautiful day for it. It's in the low-mid 70's, low humidity, with a gentle breeze - couldn't ask for a better day. My cousins Peter and Peter (father and son - I can never remember how that first, first once removed, second, etc goes so I just call them cousins) and their wives Carmen and Michele came from PA and everyone else came down from north of Boston. Jess did a great job. She didn't cry when the water was poured on her head but she wasn't happy when Pastor took her to present her to the congregation by walking down the aisle with her. Jason was asked to be alcolyte which made him happy; it keeps him busy during church getting chances to get up and help. Afterward, everyone came back to my house and we had lunch. Jess received some beautiful presents.

In our church, the children don't wear the white gown until after they've been baptised. Jess wore her Easter dress for the actual ceremony.

Before the pouring of water

Pouring the water

Changed into her white dress

Presenting Jessica Kangchan Sullivan, Child of God

Playing with her new doll

The cake

Jess and Nana Ruth

Saying goodbye

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