Monday, August 13, 2007

A Day in Boston
It was a gorgeous day out so Mike and I decided to take the kids into Boston. I can't believe I used to do that commute every day. 1/2 hour drive to Braintree to park. Red line to Downtown Crossing. Orange Line to Back Bay. Walk through Copley Place Mall and the Shops at Prudential Center. And I was pregnant when I did it. I do not miss that commute.
Anyway, the kids liked the train and Jess waved at everyone. We got off at Back Bay and when we got up to the street, there were a ton of pigeons around. Jess was in heaven as she loves all birds. She ran after them and squealed. We walked through Coply Place and saw the fountain where I used to eat lunch alot when I worked at the Pru. There's a new fountain in the Pru garden that we checked out. Then we got out to the Christian Sciene Center's wading fountain. This was the whole reason we'd come to this part of Boston. I brought extra clothes and towels for the kids. Jason had a blast but Jess wanted no part of it. Before we left, she let me put her hand in as long as I was carrying her. We walked over to the Maparium which is simply amazing and Jason and I took the tour. It's owned by the Christian Science Church. It's a huge globe made of stained glass that you walk on a bridge through. The globe hasn't been updated since it was created in the 1930's so some of the countries are outofdate. If you stand in the very center, you have a surround sound effect when you speak. I tried to shush Jason when we first walked in and was surprised by this effect - my quiet shush sounded quite loud. If one person is on the entrance to the bridge and one is at the exit, you can hear each other whisper quite clearly. The guide said these effects were due to the way the glass panels were curved. Afterward, we went to eat at the food court. I went to Flamers for chicken fingers and Jason and Mike found some Mexican food. Jess ate some of everyone's dish. After this, we went to Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream - yum! Then, it was back through the malls and we spent a couple minutes watching Jess chase the pigeons again before we went down into the subway station. It was a great day!
The kids on the T
The Prudential Center where I used to work when I worked for an advertising agency.
Jess in her glory chasing birds.
Jason having a great time in the water and Jess saying no way!
Jason at the Hall of Ideas before going into the Maparium. This fountain had water swirling around it with words projected onto it. In the center, letters were swirling done into a funnel.
The taco met with Jason's approval.
Jess loves pushing her carriage around.

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